Who Indeed

Back in my day college was an opportunity to catch up on great movies that passed under my radar when they were in the theater. Before I could join the rest of the world, however, two things had to happen. First, someone needed to mention the existence of the film that I missed. Second, I had to listen to that same someone remind me for the next hour about how unbelievable it was that I haven’t already seen the film.

I remember this happening twice to me. In both instances, interestingly, it was my girlfriend at the time who couldn’t believe how dumb I was for not having already seen what was unquestionably the greatest film ever made. The first movie was Better of Dead. The second was, you guessed it, The Princess Bride. You’d think it would have happened more than twice, but at a school with over 10,000 women I ran out of potential girlfriends pretty quick.

– Ben