Who Can It Be Now?

My wife dragged me to a showing of the 1920 silent film The Mark Of Zorro, with live musical accompaniment from Hesperus, over the weekend. I wasn’t optimistic that I would enjoy my forced excursion when, before the movie started, there was a lecture in which I was informed that I could have stayed home and watched the movie for free on YouTube in the comfort of my living room.

I must admit, however, that I ended up having a pretty good time. The movie had solid action (including some impressive Parkour moves), humor and drama. This was my first Douglas Fairbanks film, and I thought he was terrific. Hesperus gave a really nice performance as well. If you’re ever in the mood for classic early cinema I recommend giving The Mark Of Zorro a shot.

Or, if you’d rather just watch a 2013 version of action, humor and drama, you can check out this clip from Friday’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where the legendary Harrison Ford pierces Jimmy Fallon’s ear. Some day this will be a classic too:

– Ben