Wherein The Host Pats The Fan

I met Luke through an online advertisement, which, to be honest, is pretty much how I meet all of my friends. In this case however the ad was not for help meeting single people one-third my age, but instead was for his webcomic Circuit. The ad intrigued me, so I visited his site and caught up on the strip. I enjoyed it so much that I asked Luke if Sam and Harry could be guests on Woody After Hours. Luke was kind enough to say “yes”.

Well, actually, the first thing he said was, “Who after what now?” But eventually he agreed to give Paul and I a little bit of his time.

For those of you who don’t know Luke I will share with you the following observations based on my many interactions with him over the interwebs:

He’s friendly.
He’s easy-going.
He has a good sense of humor.
He loves his family.
He’s a jerk.

You may be wondering why I included that last one, as it doesn’t quite fit with the others in the list. Well, let me tell you a little story:

Luke recently drove down to Tennessee. While there he saw Conan O’Brien in concert. Now, if you know a guy who writes a webcomic about a group of people that run a late-night talk show, and, in addition, said webcomic is going to feature two characters from your webcomic in that setting, logic dictates that you would do everything in your power to meet Conan O’Brien and let him know that this webcomic exists so that Conan will contact this guy you know and tell him how great said webcomic is and that they should get together for pizza someday.

Did Luke attempt to accomplish this by rushing on stage during the show or dressing up as a woman and sneaking into Conan’s dressing room? No. All he did was enjoy the show, and then casually rub it in my face a few days later.

Hence: jerk. But a friendly and easy-going one.

– Ben