When Indeed

I’ll explain this strip in a minute.

First, Paul has a guest strip today over at the terrific webcomic Butternut Squash. The strip is awesome, so go check it out. I also recommend reading the Squash’s archive because Ramon is an extremely talented artist. Then, when you’re finished there, check out his other webcomic Kukuburi. It is a true work of genius. Just don’t forget to come back here once you’re done with all that greatness. Please.

Ok, so, two or three of you may remember the movie Constantine. It’s a good movie, not great, but I enjoyed it. My favorite part was the ending, which I thought was really nicely done. If you ever plan on seeing this movie don’t watch this clip, as it is the reveal. If, however, you just want to understand today’s strip better, then by all means, go ahead:


– Ben