What’s Not Entertaining About Knock-Knock Jokes?

Sorry we’re late with today’s comic. Paul had to overcome a few computer-related issues over the past 48 hours. He rallied and worked all night to get the comic done, and I thanked him profusely before firing him.

There is a slight chance that I may be accused of stealing the idea of today’s comic from a good buddy of mine and presenting it through the Woody-vessel. The facts are these:

A few years ago we were in a car at a red light located at the bottom of a small hill. Being men, instead of discussing our “feelings” we honed in on a very attractive college-aged female, wearing a low-cut tank top, leaning way forward on her mountain bike, coming down the hill at a high rate of speed towards us.

My friend made a comment about how really, really, REALLY fun that was to witness, and that it was something he could watch a few dozen more times before even remotely becoming the slightest bit disinterested. I agreed with him. The light turned green and we drove on as our wives sighed loudly at us from the back seat.

So, he and I had seen the exact same thing and had the exact same thought at the exact same time. Does the fact that he vocalized it first mean that I stole his idea? No, it doesn’t. Will he accuse me anyway, yes, he probably will.

Thanks for stopping by this week. Please come back and visit us again next week. And, if possible, bring an attractive friend wearing a tank top. Gender? Surprise me.

– Ben