Warning: Cleaning May Occur At Inappropriate Moments

My cat does this too. One second we’re playing with a string, and the next second she’s cleaning herself in places unrelated to anything she’s been involved with for the past two hours.

At the Baltimore Comic-Con I met Ryan and Lar, the amazing talents behind the webcomic Least I Could Do. These guys are big. To comprehend their bigness I have created this handy guide:

Our webcomic = small town, population: you
Their webcomic = New York City

I had hoped to spend some time chatting with them about webcomics and what Paul and I needed to do in order to reach the levels of success that they have achieved. I guess, I dunno, maybe they felt threatened by my questions or something:


Ryan actually attempted to punch a hole in me under my ribcage in an attempt to yank out my heart and eat it while I watched. Luckily for me, he has a short attention span and moved on to something else halfway through.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend everyone.

– Ben