Visual Curiosity

Renee doesn’t like people hanging around while she’s working. So, basically, she doesn’t like people hanging around. Isabel ran into this problem back in this strip, which is one of my favorites.

Today’s comic is another awesome example of Renee’s cool new laptop, which, you may remember, she received earlier in the day.

Craig Ferguson and Geoff have this bit they do during The Late Late Show called the “Jay Leno fly.” It’s hilarious. Here’s the first time they did it:

At some point they expanded it to include the “Jimmy Fallon fly.” It’s also hilarious. The Jimmy Fallon fly flies around repeating things like “Wow!”, “So cool!”, “So great!” and “That’s awesome!” in an overly-excited voice until Craig flattens him with his hand. It’s a pretty good impression, honestly.

Short story long, someone recently figured out that Fallon also likes to say the word “fun” a lot, and has put together a compilation of him saying it during The Tonight Show:

Thanks for hanging out with us for another week. Have a great weekend.

– Ben