To Project And Serve

I think Woody might be a little nervous now that he’s actually putting his plan into motion.

I finally finished Craig Ferguson’s book American On Purpose this past weekend. It took me two years to read it, not because it was difficult, but because I couldn’t find it after we moved to Ohio. I thought it was in a box. Turns out it was in a drawer.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed and appreciated the book. Craig’s memoir is full of personal and professional successes and failures, described and assessed with brutal honesty. This guy has had some serious highs and some serious lows, and it was very courageous of him to share them. I think I’ll have a better understanding of his comedy when I watch future episodes of the Late Late Show.

My only criticism is that I think the book could have and should have been considerably longer. Craig took his time discussing certain parts of his life, which was great, but glossed over other parts with barely a sentence or two, which was kinda annoying. This may not be as much of a criticism as it is admitting that this guy has led a fascinating life and I’m so engaged that I just want to read more about it.

So, yeah, if you get a chance, pick up the book. Or, you can borrow my copy, it’s in the drawer.

– Ben