Titanic Ghosts In Casablanca

Isabel is remembering her conversation with Benjamin in this strip. Yes, it happened seven months ago in our time, but was only last Friday in WAH time. Sometimes comics work that way.

Meanwhile, as the Tonight Show drama rages on at NBC, Tim Goodman over at the Hollywood Reporter thinks that Stephen Colbert should become the host of the Late Show when Letterman retires. From his article:

But if you’re looking to spot an apparent weakness, look no further than CBS’s late-night situation. As much as I respect Craig Ferguson, he’s not the answer. I’m not sure you could put him at 11:35 p.m. alongside the next king of late night, Jimmy Kimmel, and, maybe by then, Jimmy Fallon. That’s not advancement. That’s not cutting-edge decision-making. It’s going to be a younger man’s game by then.

And while Colbert might not scream “youth movement” the way that Fallon does, he’s an absolute platinum-level talent who would pull an extremely devoted audience.

I don’t agree with two of Tim’s two main opinions. I may write a response and let him know that. If I do, I’ll post a link to it.

– Ben