Timmy’s So-Called American Life

Ok, lemme explain this one.

I really enjoy listening to the NPR show This American Life. I think they produce a lot of truly great stories about everyday people in everyday situations. Some stories make you laugh, some make you mad, and some don’t have any effect whatsoever, but are still interesting nevertheless.

One story, however, rises far above every other story they’ve ever aired in my opinion. It’s called Buddy Picture and it’s from the episode titled Recordings For Someone. Now, what makes this so utterly fantastic is the producer/ narrator Jonathan Goldstein. He does an amazing job weaving together two enjoyable tales into one hilariously entertaining super-story. He does such a brilliant job that I have listened to it a dozen times and have yet to grow the least bit tired of it.

Today’s strip is a tribute to Jonathan and his ability to tell what I consider to be a flawless story.

I strongly suggest that you take twenty minutes (yes, twenty minutes, it’s worth it, stop whining) out of your life and listen to Buddy Picture. I have embedded it for your convenience. If that doesn’t work here’s the link to it.

Have a great weekend everyone.

– Ben