Thumbs Up!

It’s Monday. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I know I did. I spent four glorious days not doing anything but enjoying some good company and good food. In the course of doing this, I completely ignored Ben. Not on purpose, mind you. I would never do that. So when I returned home to discover numerous text messages, emails and phone calls from him, I knew I was in trouble. My penance? It’s this very blog you read now. As to the strip itself, I believe my influence on Ben is beginning to show through. We have our occasional differences on what we find funny. This is apparent in our preferences for the late, late night talk shows. Ben likes Jimmy Fallon. I think Fallon sucks prefer Craig Ferguson. Actually, I think Craig Ferguson is a bit of brilliant. Fallon has yet to prove himself to be an entertaining late night host. Maybe someday (okay that’s me being generous). My only concern now is that Ben vents my opinion through Timmy. I have yet to decide if this is intended to suggest my immaturity or a crack at my weight–or both.

*insert pretentious sign off here*

– Paul