This Is Going To Hurt You More Than It Will Me

Anybody who is anybody in the webcomic world is in San Diego counting down the minutes until Comic-Con 2009 begins. Needless to say I’m at home…writing this…in a puddle of my own tears…next to an empty ice cream bucket. But this is just a normal Wednesday for me.

One of my ten goals for next year is to attend Comic-Con 2010 and introduce the masses to the WAH universe. How can you help me reach this goal, you ask your computer screen? Well, take some time to introduce a few friends to our comic. Buy a WAH t-shirt for that relative who has everything (or who you don’t like, it’s a very versatile product). Rent our comic to uniquely congratulate people on a special occasion. Then, after you’ve done these things, take the rest of the day off.

– Ben