The Wonderella That Got Away

Today is definitely a day to celebrate. Let’s review the reasons why:

First, I’m geeked that Wonderella has a cameo in today’s strip. I’m a big fan of The Non-Adventures of Wonderella. The comic is a great example of dark humor done right. I emailed Justin about my idea for the strip and he was kind enough to donate the image. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to convince him to have Wonderella as a guest on WAH someday.

Moving on, today is our second anniversary. That’s right, two years ago today Paul and I debuted Woody After Hours. On our first anniversary I wrote “That means we’ve got 9.92 fans. We’re closing in on double-digits folks!” I’m pleased to report that we have reached double-digits. Yay us!

A finally, I spiffed up the WAH Facebook page a little bit. What does this mean? Not much really. But it is a good excuse for me to suggest becoming a Facebook WAH fan. We’re on the verge of 200 fans and would appreciate it if we could reach that by the end of, say, June. So, you know, think about it.

– Ben