The Spy Who Ate Me

On Friday evening my wife and I attended the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum and saw their two new exhibitions: Exploring Calvin and Hobbes and The Irresistible Force Meets the Immovable Object: A Richard Thompson Retrospective. It’s pretty great to be surrounded by all that original art, so if you can make the trip down to Columbus to see it I definitely recommend it.

While I was there I had the opportunity to meet David Willis, creator of the webcomics Roomies!, It’s Walky!, Shortpacked! and Dumbing of Age, and his wife. I only spoke with them for a minute, but I’m pretty sure we’re all best buds now.

Paul, John and Andrew (almost sounds like a Beatles reunion, doesn’t it?) will be at ECCC starting this Friday. I don’t care what you have to do, but you make damn sure you get over there and see them.


– Ben