The Remains Of The Day

Two late-night talk show events that might be worth checking out tonight:

First, Josh Robert Thompson, who voiced Geoff Peterson, Sandra the Rhino and tons of other characters on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, will be on LLS tonight doing stand-up and talking with guest-host Drew Carey.

Second, Conan is airing the episode they shot a few weeks ago in Cuba, aptly named Conan in Cuba. Conan is the first talk show host of any kind to visit Cuba since the 60’s. I don’t believe the show will be the normal format of monologue, comedy bits and celebrity guests. I think it’ll just be segments of Conan visiting different locations and talking with average people.

Speaking of Conan, last week he announced that a talk show in France had ripped off their “Tull’s Tips” bit. Last night he, Andy and Bill, gave us an update on the situation:

– Ben