The Low-Powered Motorcycle Diaries

The college students in panel three are singing lyrics from the David Lynch song Crazy Clown Time. Lynch, you may or may not know, directed Eraserhead, Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive and co-created the show Twin Peaks. Last year he released his debut solo album Crazy Clown Time. I recently had the opportunity to listen to the single with the same name. It’s….well, it’s David Lynch.

I showed today’s strip to my wife and then introduced her to the Crazy Clown Time music video. She returned the favor by teaching me about the musical genre known as Korean pop. “K-pop,” as the cool kids call it, is apparently “all the rave” these days, according to the segment she heard on NPR.

She thinks the college students in panel three should be singing a K-pop song. I’m sticking with my original idea, but am interested in hearing your opinion. Below are the videos for Crazy Clown Time and The Boys from the group Girls’ Generation. Crazy Clown Time is NSFW.



Let me know what you think.

– Ben