The Last Word Inequality

For the last week or two Paul and I have been able to complete and post the strip at midnight. You know, like all the cool webcomic kids do. You didn’t notice? Oh.

The problem with this, I’ve discovered, is that I tend not to have much to blog about at 10:30 PM. I’m honestly kinda pooped, to put it in medical terms. This means I don’t feel like I have anything witty and interesting to share with the eight wonderful people who actually spend the time and effort to read this far down the page. (We’re up to eight now, yay us!)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to imply that my blog posts were actually witty or interesting back when I was posting the comic at 10 AM. It’s just that by late morning I had typically swallowed a couple gallons of diet soda already. So, if nothing else, I certainly felt funny.

So, in conclusion, it’s raining.

– Ben