The Last Laugh

Paul really nailed Craig Ferguson’s likeness in panel three. If you agree, or you like the Late Late Show or you just feel like being generous because my birthday is only eight short months away, please use the Share This link to, for lack of a better word, share today’s comic with the rest of the internet. Yes, I am soliciting, which is not something I normally do. However, my birthday is right around the corner.

I had never watched a full episode of the Late Late Show until after Paul and I began WAH. He insisted that Woody review at least one episode of his favorite late-night talk show. I resisted for a quite a while, but like the concept of mushrooms on pizza, I eventually relented and gave it a go. Much as I hate to admit it, Paul was right. I’m a huge Ferguson fan now, and I find myself watching the show whenever I can find time. I also typically have mushrooms on pizza, but Paul had nothing to do with that. He can’t take credit for everything.

– Ben