The Beginning Of A Crappy Day

I had a crappy day yesterday. First, the cable went out in my neighborhood for five hours. I had to do my work sharing the equivalent of a dial-up connection at our local library. Second, I grabbed someone else’s sandwich from the deli counter and took a bite out of it before realizing it wasn’t mine, which made me look and feel like a total jerk. Third, an installer came over in the afternoon and left the front door open for five minutes before I discovered it. After he left I spent two hours looking for my cat. My wife and I tore the house apart and canvassed the neighborhood with no luck. I’m about ready to print lost cat posters when she pops her head out from her brand new hiding spot, an insert atop the kitchen cabinets. Then, to end the day, I lost over $60,000 playing online poker. Sure, it wasn’t real money, but it didn’t do my ego any good.

So, here’s hoping that we, especially me, have a great weekend. Thanks for visiting. Come back and see us next week, and bring a friend.

– Ben