That’s A Happy Meal I Can Get On Board With

One of the many things I like about working with Paul on WAH is that he comes up with good ideas that make the comic better. In this strip, for example, Paul added the finger waving in the second panel, which is something I didn’t think about when I wrote it. It’s a little thing, but that movement not only helps the sell the joke, it helps sell Woody.

Exactly five weeks ago, you may remember, I discussed my desire to improve the hamburger. You’re probably thinking that I was just trying to be funny, or, at the very least, fill up some space in my blog. Well, you’re right on both counts. But, at the same time, I was actually quite serious. After mulling it over for 864 hours, I’m extremely proud to announce that I have raised the hamburger bar.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the next stage in hamburger evolution:


That’s right folks, it’s a bun made of French fries! Think about it for a minute. You’re going to eat fries with your hamburger anyway, so why not merge the two great tastes into one super-great taste. It’s a total time and space saver when you’re eating lunch on the go. Plus, you’re cutting carbs without sacrificing fun. The best part is that there is already ketchup on the burger, so it’s there for the fries as well.

Initially you’re going to think that my idea won’t work. Eventually, over time, you will come to understand its brilliance. Meanwhile, I’m off to patent it and make a fortune.

Many thanks to Jesse for his great illustration.

– Ben