Ten Sizzling Miles Per Gallon

Last night I returned from five days In Arizona. It was beautiful there, and I had a great trip. I can’t remember the last time I was in a place where the sky was clear and a huge bright ball of fire warmed up my uncovered arms. Oh yeah, North Carolina.

But hey, I’m glad to be back in a place where the sun is a rumor and jackets are essential. At least here gas is only $1.25/gallon, breakfast is free on the weekends and we’re exempt from paying federal income tax.

Now that I’ve returned, Paul is leaving for something called the Toronto Comics Art Festival. If you’re going to TCAF you should look for him. He’ll be walking around yelling “I’m Paul Westover. I’m a famous American artist. I draw the popular and award-winning comic Woody After Hours!” every five minutes.

Speaking of Paul, he did some fan art for Mighty Monocle. I believe this may have been in retaliation for Rolfe’s WAH fan art last week. War is hell.

Have a great weekend.

– Ben