Stop Me If You’ve Heard This

This strip is a good example of how the collaboration between Paul and me is more than just “I write, you draw.” Originally, I had written the strip so that Joseph had the camera focused on the empty stage while Woody ran back to it as fast as he could from the audience seats. The first three panels were just Woody’s speech balloons telling the cookie joke correctly, and the last panel was him on stage and out of breath trying to give the punch line. I thought it was far and away the best strip I had ever written.

When Paul and I reviewed the strip in pre-production his comment was, literally, “this sucks.” Well, that might not be exactly what he said, but it is pretty close. Well, it might not be pretty close, but it sums up what he was thinking. Well, I’m honestly not sure what he was thinking, but it is remotely possible that at some point those words flashed through his mind in that order.

Anyway, he suggested an alternative way to deliver my idea, and it was easy for me to admit that it was better than the one I had originally written. I re-wrote the strip and it became our update for today. I think it came out much better.

Have a good weekend and we’ll see you next week.

– Ben