Stage Fright

Woody After Hours has joined the webcomic collective TNP Press.

I understand that millions of questions are flying around in your head right now. Allow me to answer the majority of your questions with “probably not.”

If, after all that, you’re wondering how Paul and I arrived at the decision to accept their gracious invitation, I invite you to read the super-secret behind-the-scenes conversation we had regarding our decision:

Paul: Hey, TNP Press has invited us to join their webcomic collective.

Ben: Yeah? What’s the biggest membership benefit?

Paul: According to their website, when you flash your TNP Press card at Baskin Robbins between 1:00 and 3:00 on Wednesday afternoons you get half off a single-scoop ice cream sundae. You can choose any flavor, as long as it’s vanilla.

Ben: Ok, that’s pretty cool. Anything else?

Paul: Well, I guess people might accept us as valid webcomic artists since an established group of webcomic people think we’re cool enough to hang with them.

Ben: Oh yeah. Kinda like when I ambushed Neil Patrick Harris at the Detroit airport. He thought I was a crazed fan until I introduced my wife. As soon as he realized that a hot girl was willing to hang out with me, he decided to give me a half a chance.

Paul: You met NPH?

Ben: Yeah, we’re buds now.

Paul: I bet he doesn’t get half off on single-scoop ice cream sundaes at Baskin Robbins.

Ben: Good point. Let’s join.

And that, my friends, is a true story.

Want to check out the other comics in the collective? There’s a handy-dandy widget in the left-hand column that will help you accomplish this desire.

In case you missed yesterday’s super late post, the 2009 Golden Woodys were awarded in five of eleven categories. Simply scroll down to Woody’s post below to see who won.

Have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve.

– Ben