Stache Clash

Yesterday I posted Part 1 of my interview with Kurt Decker, Late Night cameraman extraordinaire. I have it on good authority that I’ll appreciate you more if you take the time to read it. So, you know, consider doing that.

Due to the whole Jay Leno/Jimmy Fallon excitement over the past two weeks, I’ve been absent from all the other late-night talk shows. I do know a couple of things, though:

1.    Geoff accidently broke Craig Ferguson’s famous snake mug. Luckily, it was replaced. (Thanks, DuckAmuck)
2.    Jimmy Kimmel had the cast of The Monuments Men on his show, including, GASP, Matt Damon. It was hilarious.
3.    Arsenio is still on the air.
4.    Conan looks pretty good in zombie makeup:

– Ben