Served Handily

One or two of you may remember last year around this time when I consumed Penelope Pineapple, one of the elite members of the World’s Largest Gummi Bear™ club.

Since then millions of people (give or take a million people) have asked me what my next big eating adventure will be. I am happy to report that the makers of the WLGB have provided me with not one, but two next big adventures. And I am requesting your help in choosing which one I will go on first.

Choice #1: The World’s Largest Gummi Worm™

The World’s Largest Gummi Worm™ is the next logical step in the evolution of big gummi. I love gummi worms, more than gummi bears actually. I think it’s because they are multi-flavored and always seem to stay fresher longer.

There are multiple gummi worm flavors. After carefully consideration (there were ten to choose from) I decided on the combination of cherry and apple. It measures 24.5 inches long, 1.75 inches wide and 1.5 inches tall. It smells good.

Choice #2: The Gummi Brain

I don’t know if this is considered the world’s largest gummi brain. They don’t package it with that title the way they do for the bear and the worm, so I don’t want to assume. Regardless, it’s big. So big, in fact, that it has to wear shades.

How cute is that?

Gummi Brains only come in one flavor: pink tropical fruit. That’s going to be a little bit of a challenge. I like tropical fruit flavor, and I like eating gummi, but will I like the two of them together in such a large quantity? I’m not sure.

So, faithful readers, the choice is yours. Do I eat the gummi worm or gummi brain first? I plan to start eating this Saturday, so please let me know your thoughts in the comments section soon.

– Ben