Separation Of Boy And Lamb

Today in the States that are just barely still united we are celebrating Labor Day. For the eight WAH fans who live outside of North America, Labor Day is a day in which we honor those among us who work for a living. I lobbied for months that the day should be updated to Labor Plus Two Free Scoops Of Ice Cream Day, but the National Ice Cream Association posted a bunch of photoshopped pictures of me having an illicit threesome with a cake and a pie. Needless to say, we’re still celebrating plain old Labor Day.

One of the laborers that we’re commemorating today is our buddy David Wilborn who, despite having two webcomics of his own, continues to lend us his time, energy and characters. If anyone deserves two scoops of ice cream it is him.

Oh, and last but certainly not least, WAH’s better half was featured in the webcomic I Am Arg on Friday. Some guys get all the luck.

– Ben