Savage Critique

That’s no ordinary chicken in panel three. That’s one of the main characters from the terrific comic Savage Chickens by Doug Savage. Savage Chickens is very funny, well done, easy to enjoy and wonderfully unique in that each strip takes place on a yellow sticky note. He does a new comic every weekday. Go check it out. It’s completely worth adding to your daily schedule of internet browsing.

My request to have one of Doug’s chickens in today’s strip was very last minute. Doug, being the kind soul I have learned him to be, didn’t flinch in his willingness to help us out.  Paul and I really appreciate his kindness. In fact, we’re so grateful that we’ve agreed to overlook the fact that he’s Canadian until 2012. We’re saints, I know.

Thanks for hanging out with us for another week. Hope you enjoyed it. Have a great weekend.

– Ben