Routing Algorithm

The original plan had been to post my interview with the artist of Go Get a Roomie during Roomie’s appearance in WAH. However, as you’ll find out in the intro below, the logistics made the deadline difficult. Since late is better than never in the world of webcomics, here is my interview with the only person I know with an acute accent, Chloé C:

Chloé and I met on the deck of a cargo ship in the Atlantic Ocean. It was cold, the water was very choppy and the crew was looking at me funny. Luckily, there was a Starbucks next to the captain’s quarters where we could relax in quiet comfort. Chloé enjoyed a cup of whale tea while I sipped a hot chocolate topped with freshly ground dolphin sprinkles. “Why did you want to meet here?” she asked me as the waves crashed against the hull, rocking the freighter violently back and forth and almost making me drop my hammerhead shark scone. “We’re exactly halfway between Columbus, Ohio and Brussels, Belgium,” I answered. “It seemed like the perfect compromise.” “Oh,” she responded. “I guess that makes sense.”

WAH: What was going on in your life professionally and personally when you initially decided that you wanted to create and publish a comic on the web?

CC: Go Get a Roomie started all small and unplanned on deviantart, on a silly impulse. I wanted to draw little stories based mostly on Jo’s bar, stories I was living myself at the moment, in Belgium. Professionally, nothing was happening, just went to school in-between beers (and quitting shortly after. Not the beer). Personally, I was curious as to what would happen if I started a webcomic I would regularly update. No need to say I hadn’t imagined just how far it would go.

WAH: What pop culture influences helped you to construct your theme and characters?

CC: Beer.

WAH: What is the main goal you’d like to achieve for yourself with your webcomic?

CC: Spiritual Awakening.

WAH: What is the main goal you’d like to achieve for your fans with your webcomic?

CC: They can spiritually Awaken with me (we’ll have a party).

WAH: What area of your webcomic do you think needs to be improved upon?

CC: I think I can always improve in all areas, and I wouldn’t have it another way. But if I’d have to pick a specific field, I’d go with enriching backgrounds.

WAH: What are you doing when you’re not working on your webcomic?

CC: Drawing fanart. Laughing with friends. Playing video-games. Relaxed drinks. Wild drinks. Reading. Imagining. Playing instruments…and apparently not resisting cute room-mates’ pleading eyes to accompany them to the grocery store. Welp! Gotta go.

Have a great weekend everyone.

– Ben