Retuning Home Empty-Handed

Sam and Harry have safely returned home to their world. This means, unfortunately, that our time with Circuit has come to an end. Sniff.

Paul and I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to Luke for a terrific collaboration. Luke was a ton of fun to work with, and his sense of humor really meshed well with ours. I think we made some wonderful strips together.

Speaking of, here is the third and final installment of my interview with Luke:

WAH: What area of your webcomic do you think needs to be improved upon?

LP: I love writing dialogue, and I’m always trying to refine my writing, but for me the hardest part is the drawing. I’m not the greatest illustrator in the world, by any means. I have one style, and you see it in the strip. I think it’s a fairly unique style, and I’m happy with the look of it, but I have a lot to learn artistically. When I look at the original strips, though, compared to the newer ones, I do feel like I’m progressing. I’m terrible at sketching by hand, however. It’s an absolute mess. All of what you see on the screen is vector art, and I love how clean and simple it looks. I’m terrified of doing any sketches at a Con… I’m afraid someone will take one look at the shaky, hand-drawn Harry I just made for them and accuse me of fraud.

WAH: What are you doing when you’re not working on your webcomic?

LP: Looking for gainful employment and playing video games… not necessarily in that order. A friend of my youngest brother lent me Red Dead Redemption, and I’m really digging that right now. Lots of buttons to learn, but it sure is fun to lasso someone and drag them around with your horse. In the game, I mean. Not in real life. I want to make that perfectly clear. I also love me some Team Fortress 2, although Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 put a temporary halt to that. I’ll be back, though. For those of you TF2 players who forgot to fear a certain Pyro named Heatvision, you will learn to fear again. This I promise.

Thanks again Luke. We really appreciate all of your time, effort and great ideas!

– Ben