Removing The Barriers To Success

I love Ben’s look in panel 5. Classic.

Instead of seeing Thor in the theater this weekend like everyone else, I chose to stay home and watch The Green Hornet.  This movie stars Seth Rogan, who also co-wrote and co-executive produced the film. It’s a decent film. The first hour and twenty minutes are good, but then it just gets over-the-top nuts.

I think Seth is a funny guy, and I knew the film was going to be silly, so I didn’t have high expectations. That said, I’m pretty sure he drank alcoholic beverages the entire time he wrote the screenplay. Furthermore I believe I can correlate the exact moment in the film to when Seth had consumed enough alcohol to prevent him from writing rationally.

The epilogue was pretty sane. I’m guessing Seth blacked out at this point, and whoever was sitting next to him in at the hotel bar read the screenplay and then wrote those last five minutes for him out of pity.

– Ben