Qualitative Confinement

Jimmy Kimmel celebrated his 46th birthday on Wednesday. China didn’t send him a card, though, because they are still pretty pissed off about that JKL segment in which a kid suggested killing everyone in China. Despite multiple apologies from both Kimmel and ABC, China still wants more action taken. From the AV Club article:

If this ongoing saga seems like a disproportionate upheaval for an unfortunate thing that a dumb kid said, that’s probably because it’s not really about what a dumb kid said anymore. As the liberal activism site Think Progress points out, this affair has become just one more opportunity for China to exert pressure on Disney (ABC’s corporate master), which wants continuing access to the Chinese market. Disney would like Chinese moviegoers to dump their disposable income into Iron Man and Star Wars, and China would like Han Solo to maybe slip in a little monologue about the glory of a centralized communist system. The bigger stink China makes now, the more leverage they’ll have at the negotiating table next time Disney wants to peddle its wares across the Pacific.

The Think Progress article is pretty interesting. And soon the While House will get involved because protesters got the 100,000 signatures within thirty days required to make the WH weigh in on the issue. The petition compares Kimmel to the Nazis, however, so according to Godwin’s Law the protesters have already lost the war. But, you know, whatever.

Have a great weekend.

– Ben