Psyched Out

Every time a new technology comes out that is perfectly tailored for 15 to 29 year-olds I curse the fact that it wasn’t around when I was one of those ages. But then I remember that if said tech had been around in those days I would be dead.

Let me expound on that a little bit. It’s a miracle that I accomplished anything back then. It really is. Luckily I was surrounded by some good family and friends who motivated me to do stuff. And I was neither cool nor popular nor a complete loser, just a serious idiot.

Today’s technology is a temping mistress, and tomorrow’s technology is hotness in pure form, but that’s ok because now I’m too lazy for it to distract me too much. But if that technology had been around back when I was just an impressionable lad, I’m convinced that I would have drowned in it. I never would have accomplished anything, and eventually I would have just withered away into dust, most likely while playing a FPS or browsing naked people.

But I’m sure Timmy and the rest of today’s youth will be fine.

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– Ben