Polk Was The Only Other Option

Today you get to learn that North Carolina birthed two of the 43 US Presidents. Lucky you.

The first was James Polk. He was number 11. Can you name anything that he’s known for accomplishing? Neither can I. He didn’t run for reelection, though, so apparently he did everything he wanted to do in one term. Good thing I guess, he died three months after leaving office.

The second NC-born President was Andrew Johnson. At one point during his presidency he was one vote shy from being impeached. He also opposed the Fourteenth Amendment. History has not been kind to poor Andrew. George H. Bush, Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford are all ranked higher than him.

The moral of this story is that North Carolina does not have a good track record for producing US Presidents. If you live in North Carolina, are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, and you want your child to grow up to become President of the United States, you should probably give birth over a long weekend in Virginia.

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