Pleading While Intoxicated

Well, one could argue that Woody has put his foot firmly in the down position on this, as he originally said he would do.

Last night Craig Ferguson let me know that he’s doing two shows in New Orleans on January 30th. Granted, he let the rest of his Twitter followers know at the same time, but let’s pretend he and I are close friends for the sake of this paragraph.

He also pointed me to the website where I could sign up for free tickets. I immediately went there and signed up, figuring I would be too late cause I’m old and kids these days are faster than me. An hour later, however, I was informed that I had made it into the “priority” group, which is the best group you can be in for a general admission show in Jackson Square Park.

I printed my tickets and was pretty excited about the prospect of going, until I did some actual research. Turns out that New Orleans is a 16 hour drive from Columbus, plane tickets actually cost money now and January 30th is on a Wednesday that I’m expected to be at work. Sadly, after much reflection, I put my tickets back in the pool. Hopefully someone else will be able to go and have fun in my place.

Tickets may still be available. So put your name in the ring. If you go, tell me all about it and send me pictures.

– Ben