Party Central

Playboy recently published an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, if you’re interested. I haven’t read it yet, but it’s probably better than his show Wednesday night. From the article:

Playboy dispatched journalist Bill Zehme—an expert on the world of late-night talk shows who has spent time with and written about Letterman, Leno and Johnny Carson, and who profiled Kimmel for Playboy in 2007—to the host’s Hollywood Hills home to make him sit and think about what he’s done. Zehme reports: “Jimmy Kimmel embodies more of, well, everything than anyone I’ve known—the expansive generosity, the reflexive candor, the profound thoughtfulness, plus he cooks like a four-star chef. He gave up the bulk of his birthday weekend for our many hours of sessions, even whipping up an incomparably fine frittata during the process. Once, as we sat by his pool, he spied a few giant hawks majestically gliding above our heads and briefly recoiled before magnanimously giving them their due: ‘Look at those motherf***ers,’ he said, squirming. ‘But they’re awesome too—because they eat f**kin’ rats, so I have to love ’em.’”

If you want to check it out please be warned that, being Playboy, there are scantily-clad women on the page as well. Ok, here you go.

Have a great weekend everyone.

– Ben