One Out Of Six Ain’t Bad

Crowbar Benson, hockey enthusiast, good Samaritan, bad influence or comic gold? You be the judge. You’re allowed to pick more than one, but not more than seven.

When we have a guest on WAH I like to interview the artist behind the magic. Here is the first part of my conversation with the man, the myth, the Canadian: Sandy Debreuil:

WAH: What was going on in your life professionally and personally when you initially decided that you wanted to create and publish a webcomic?

SD: I was having cake.

WAH: What pop culture influences helped you to construct your theme and characters?

SD: I actually tried to stay away from pop culture influences as much as possible, not because I’m turning my nose up at them, but rather because I don’t know much about pop culture.  I also find that those references date really fast; in three years people are really going to wonder what the big deal was about bacon.

The influences on the characters came from real people, Crowbar is kind of a blend of all the guys I’ve known over my life that I’ve played hockey with, except Crowbar is less insane.  The boys are roughly based on me and my brother growing up, but also brothers in general.

The aspirational influences on Crowbar Benson are probably Bill Mauldin and Doug Wright, my two favorite cartoonists.

Thank you Sandy. The interview continues on Wednesday.

I saw Toy Story 3 in 3D at the IMAX theater here in Raleigh over the weekend. I had to see it quickly, as it’s only here for a two weeks because the third Twilight film takes over for, I’m not kidding, two months.

I really enjoyed the film. The plot was good, the jokes were funny and the animation was wonderful. I don’t think the 3D piece is critical to the enjoyment of the movie, but I really liked that it was there.

– Ben