On The Fast Track

I really like Craig Ferguson. You all know that, right?

I recently watched his latest stand-up special I’m Here to Help on Netflix, and I have to admit I didn’t enjoy it. If it hadn’t been for the huge amount of respect I hold for the guy, I would have turned it off half-way through.

I didn’t like it for two reasons. First, the material, for the most part, wasn’t very strong. There were a few bits that I thought were funny and original, but, honestly, most of it just wasn’t entertaining. Second, he used the F-bomb way too much, in my opinion. I’m ok with an F-bomb here and there when it helps make a joke, but Craig used it as a crutch and as a way to express anger, and neither of those situations are funny to me.

Has anyone else seen it? Leave a comment and lemme know whether or not you liked it.

– Ben