Monday was our 169th strip, and I’ve decided that Paul has earned a few days off. Not too many mind you, but just enough so that he can remember how fresh air tastes. Right now you’re thinking that I’m a heck of a guy. Well, you’re correct.

This means, however, that I am responsible for drawing WAH for the rest of the week. Unfortunately, I have limited drawing skills. In fact, if this were a court of law a prosecutor might use today’s strip as exhibit A to argue that I have committed a crime against the very nature of illustration itself.

To make matters worse, I’m subjecting you to a total of four of these bad boys. What are you talking about Ben?  I’m talking about a new strip today, I’m talking about a new strip tomorrow, I’m talking about a new strip on Thursday and I’m talking about a new strip on Friday. So start saving some of those tears of pain folks, you’re going to need them.

– Ben