My Little Desk Segment

Woody is referring to none other than Lar deSouza, the talented and friendly artist of LICD and LFG. A couple of months ago Lar drew a pretty cool Boba Fett pony that inspired me to write the Late-Night Pony segment. I asked Lar if we could commission him to draw the ponies for us. Despite his very hectic schedule he was kind enough to help us out. The ponies look great and we’re excited to share them for the next couple of comics.

There’s an inside joke in today’s strip when Woody asks if the artist’s name is “Lar” or “Lars.” When Paul and I first started WAH I had this grandiose idea that maybe Woody could have a LICD character on his show. My plan was to get Sohmer and Lar’s attention with personalized WAH comics that proposed the idea while showcasing our writing and drawing abilities. The hope was that they would be impressed enough with our mad skillz and unconventional style that it would start a dialogue between us.

So I re-read the LICD archive in order to figure out what we needed to put in these strips to accomplish our goal. I then pushed Paul to draw two very detailed eight-panel comics while still getting WAH out on time. The strips came out great, and they looked beautiful when professionally printed. I spent a few minutes patting myself on the back for being such a freaking genius and really good looking.

I sent the comics to a buddy of mine who agreed to personally deliver them at an upcoming con. A few days later my friend stood in front of the LICD table and presented our gifts. Lar read the first panel of his comic, looked up at my friend and said, “They spelled my name wrong.” I had addressed the guy I was trying to woo “Lars.”

Needless to say, we didn’t impress them as much as we could have. You can’t submit a cover letter in which you spell the name of the company wrong. Well, you can, but you shouldn’t expect to get a call for an interview.

Still, I think the comics did actually help us establish a dialogue with Lar. He liked Paul’s artwork, he remembered my gaff when I met him at another con a few months later and he took the time to draw these ponies for us despite illustrating two strips, finishing up a book, getting ready for a con and having a life outside of work.

So, you never know, given enough time maybe someday you’ll see Woody interviewing someone from LICD. No harm in keeping the dream alive.

– Ben