Missed Connection

There’s a good chance you missed last Thursday and Friday night’s episodes of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. You need to rectify that because:

1) They were terrific
B) You only have two weeks left to enjoy this unique humor.

Thursday’s show, with guests Drew Carey and Max Greenfield, was solid from beginning to end. If, however, you don’t have the entire forty minutes required, then I implore you to at least watch the cold open through the comedy segment:

Friday’s episode, with guests Steve Carell and Kristen Bell, was only slightly less entertaining. I recommend the whole thing. But, again, if you don’t have the time, then, for the love of Geoff, please check out the cold open through the comedy segment. His fireside chat with Kristen Bell to start the show was wonderful, and “Tweets and Emails” had me crying from laughing so hard:

No need to thank me. Just doin’ my job.

– Ben