Message From Above

When Paul and I discuss our comic there are certain subjects that remain frustratingly unresolved for half of us. One of those topics is the ghost in the theater. Paul insists that we make more progress on this arc, and by make more progress he means, and I quote, “wrap it the hell up already.” His main argument is that we haven’t had a comic with the ghost in the last “one thousand months.” I reply that he needs to have more patience; after all, those characters on Lost were stuck on the island for six years. Paul cries a little when I start comparing arcs in WAH to multi-million dollar television shows.

Without warning and with a wiff of sophistication, in walks John Wigger, the driving force behind Zombie Roomie. John holds our hands and says, “I have an idea, George hates ghosts, you have a ghost, let’s do something with that.” And then, almost magically, a comic was created in which a ghost gives a zombie the finger while a guy in a suit jacket nearly has a heart attack.

That, my friends, is collaboration, just like on Lost.

– Ben