Meme Streets

A meme is an idea that is transmitted from one person to another. An internet meme is the same thing, just on the World Wide Web. Here’s a handy little guide that gives a brief history of internet memes and provides some examples.

I enjoy a lot of different internet memes, but I’m partial to images with captions. I find them really entertaining. The site is a good place to find a plethora of this type of meme.

In today’s strip I reference a bunch of image memes that I enjoy. Click on each one for examples:

Hood Dad

Joseph Ducreux

Insanity Wolf

PTSD Clarinet Boy


LOL Cats


If you ever want to research the history of an internet meme visit

Like everything else on the internet, there are some really great image memes out there, and there are some really terrible ones. The Woody-related memes are in the latter category. They mostly consist of Woody from Toy Story being a sexual deviant. Hence the story arc.

Got a favorite image meme? Leave a comment.

We’re running five strips this week, so come back tomorrow for chapter two of Dream Woody Goes To Meme Town.

– Ben