Media Blitz

The Canadian flasher/late-night summarizer/imminent Renee punching bag in today’s comic is Kurt Sasso. He’s the ninth member of an elite group known as the Cameo in a WAH Comic club. Kurt is one of webcomic community’s biggest fans and supporters. He has an entire media empire dedicated to interviewing webcomic creators and promoting their talents. If anyone spreads the webcomic word as much or as well as Kurt I have yet to meet that person.

Kurt is also the mastermind behind the book Webcomics: What’s Cooking, which conveniently available for purchase right now:

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Do you want to be a member of this exclusive club? You don’t need to be a Canadian or a giant in the entertainment industry, you can just be a regular dude or dudette. How about as a gift for someone you mildly tolerate? Don’t forget, you can see Christmas from your house.

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– Ben