Massive Declaration

It shouldn’t be news to anyone who knows Doyle that he can put away food like nobody’s business. It was a shocking revelation to Woody, though. If it’s fresh data for you too, then maybe you should head over to Underwhelmed and acquaint yourself with the kid whose ability to eat is quite…unique.

Speaking of news, David Letterman shared with his staff and audience on yesterday’s Late Show that he will be retiring in 2015. We knew it was coming eventually, but that doesn’t make the announcement any less monumental.

Here’s the clip. It’s warm, funny, sweet, emotional and another perfect example of why Letterman has had a long and amazing career in late-night:

Between Kimmel moving to 11:30, Arsenio returning after seventeen years, Leno leaving for a second time, Fallon taking over The Tonight Show, Seth Meyers taking over Late Night, and now Letterman’s retirement, it’s been a huge twelve months of late-night talk show events.

Have a great weekend.

– Ben