Lending A Hand

I would not recommend being on the receiving end of a ninja curse. At the very least it’s guaranteed to result in back pain.

I would, however, recommend returning to Circuit and checking out today’s comic.

Do anything fun this weekend? I drove to Philadelphia on Saturday and back to Raleigh on Sunday. That’s over 900 miles in case you’re keeping score. Why did I do all the driving? Friendship.

I experienced much of what Philly has to offer in the four hours of free time I had while I there. I drove through downtown and experienced the night life. I saw the lights of Boathouse Row. I ate a cheesesteak at Pat’s. I got lost in Southwest, Northeast, Southeast and Northwest Philadelphia. I had a milkshake at McDonald’s. I ate a bagel and a hoagie at Murray’s Delicatessen. And last, but certainly not least, I experienced my first WaWa.

Needless to say, I don’t ever need to go back. Unless friendship calls again and I happen to answer the phone.

– Ben