King Of The Hill

Jay Leno may be Craig Ferguson’s last guest on The Late Late Show in December, but he was Jimmy Fallon’s first guest on The Tonight Show this past Friday.

Jay started with a stand-up routine. He had a couple of decent jokes, but for the most I didn’t think the material was very strong. It got a lot stronger, though, during the interview segment. Jay landed some solid shots on Jimmy. It was mostly good-natured teasing, but I’m sure one or two of them were meant to sting a little bit. He stayed for Lucy Liu’s interview and managed to get a few more digs in as well. Jimmy was a great sport about it. After all, at the end of the day he still has Tonight. Both interviews are worth watching.

Kevin Delaney was Jimmy’s third guest. In only mention it because the science he brought was a lot of fun:

– Ben