It’s Better Cause It’s “Authentic”

The Philadelphia snob in today’s strip also goes by the name Erin Stalberg. She is the third member of an elite group known as the Cameo in a WAH Comic club. Unlike the first two members, Erin’s WAH appearance was purchased by my wife, Lisa, as a gift to Erin for being a wonderful friend and co-worker. My existence, meanwhile, is tolerated (by both Erin and Lisa).

Erin grew up in Philadelphia. During her young and impressionable years she was infected with the same disease that all Philadelphians are fed through the water up there: the undeniable truth that only their city can make a good steak sandwich covered with melted cheese. Whatever. I recommend finding someone from Philly and actually engaging them in this conversation at least once in your lifetime. It’s really a fascinating experience. They adamantly believe that their specific latitude and longitude make a significant difference in the taste of a sandwich, and they will not waver from that position, no matter how logical the counter-argument.

Do you want to be a member of this exclusive club too? Or, perhaps, like my wife, you’d like to give it as a gift to someone. There are all sorts of special occasions coming up, so why not give them immortality in a WAH strip? It’s cheap, it’s easy and it’s unique. In fact, due to the latitude and longitude of where the strip is written and drawn, it is the best strip ever. EVER!

Sold? Well, then, learn how by clicking on the Be An Instant Celebrity button located in the left-hand column on our site. It’s the one with the ecstatic-looking Joseph.

Have a great weekend everyone.