I’m A Loser Baby, So Why Don’t You Kill Me

Well WAH fans, the votes have been counted, and I’m sad to report that we did not make it past the TGT Tournament 3 semi-finals. It was close. Very close. I think we only lost by 30 million votes, give or take a billion.

Paul and I sincerely appreciate all of you who voted for us. You should raise your head high and proud, secure in the knowledge that you put up a valiant effort and chose the better candidate. However, it was just not meant to be. Perhaps we should have headed the words of the profound singer/songwriter Beck, who put it so eloquently in one of his lesser-known songs:

There is no rhyme or reason,
Everything is but a reflex,
Even Woody must sometimes lose,
To a woman known as ‘Alex.’

Speaking of the winner, Alex was kind enough to draw the fourth panel in today’s strip. It was a little difficult for her to illustrate while taking a victory lap around Columbus, but she managed to pull it off nicely.

If you’ve got a hankering to continue voting for someone, even though it won’t be for us, the TGT Tournament finals are running all this week.

Again, thanks for voting for us.

– Ben