Illustrative Alliances

It really was amazing to meet, get to know and work with so many terrific web comic artists. I’m extremely proud of each and every Woody After Hours comic that we created together.

Originally, I had hoped that we could show all one hundred and sixty three strips in panel four. Paul reached through the internet and pinched me eight times on various parts of my body while yelling at me to wake up. Once I finally did he still slapped me a few times just to make sure. I thought that was a little much, but he said it was necessary.

So, instead, here is an alphabetical list of all the artists we’ve worked with, along with links to their websites and the WAH strips they were involved in birthing:

Artist Website WAH strips
Denver Brubaker Tales of a Checkered Man
Chloe C Go Get a Roomie
Sandy Debreuil Crowbar Benson
Lar deSouza Lartist
J.R. Faulkner Promises Promises
Ronnie Filyaw Whomp!
George Ford Addanac City
Andrew Gregoire ARG!
Dawn Griffin Zorphbert & Fred
Alex Heberling Alex’s Guide to a Life Well-Lived
Jesse Justice Diablito Del Ring
Tim Lai Lemon Inc.
Dan Long Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life
Sean McLean Underwhelmed
Howie Noel Tara Normal
Brian Patterson d20 Monkey
Justin Pierce The Non-Adventures of Wonderella
Luke Pola Circuit
Jamie Robertson Clan of the Cats
D.M. Rolfe Mighty Monocle
Doug Savage Savage Chickens
Chris Watkins Odori Park
Joel Watson Hijinks Ensue
John Wigger Zombie Roomie
David Wilborn Urban Jungle & Evil Robot Genius
David Willis Dumbing of Age
Mike Witmer Pinkerton Park


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– Ben