I Brake For Cupcake

Apparently the United States of America contains a place called “Wyoming.” Did you know this, or, like me, did you think “Wyoming” was a type of vegetable grown in Canada? I did some research and it seems that this mythical “Wyoming” thing may be a piece of land. Folklore claims that close to sixty people live there. It’s unclear what their native language is, if they have a printing press or if they’ve been informed that WWII is over and we kinda won.

I bring this up because my wife is going to journey out West and hunt and possibly slay this fabled Wyoming. You’re probably wondering why I’m not expending more energy to convince her not to do such a foolhardy thing. Well, I strongly believe in freedom of choice, and if the person I love wants to visit somewhere that even Google Earth refuses to acknowledge, then who am I to stop her? Also, she’s stronger than me.

– Ben